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Two months in Greece

This winter I got a chance to be a tourist in the country where I grew up (Greece) due to my partner’s first visit. I got to be his tourist photographer, chase stray dogs and cats with my camera and see some things I knew very well with fresh eyes. And, of course, I got to escape the polar vortex! So, here are some travel shots from a few parts of the Greek mainland. We’re saving the islands for the summer days.


New home!

It’s been some time since I first started thinking that my photos need a new home. I whipped up my old site in a day or so and I am no coder, so I never was satisfied with it, really, but it was better than no website; it surved its purpose. Thanks to mini apple design this new home is up and running, and in the process of polishing the website visually I came up with a new logo/identity for Alina Antoniou Photography and ordered new business cards. One front, eight different glossy photo backs. They just came in, and I’m very happy with them. Take a look (not the best photo in the world, I know, but I’m too busy with other things to set up a proper shoot for the cards today + I mysteriously injured my shoulder yesterday and I don’t want to move lights around)!